Barn Assistant & Camp Director


My fondness of horses has been with me since early childhood. I was fortunate to spent time on my grandparents’ prairie farm, the original Elmcrest, which left me with memories of thoroughbreds, hay and white fenced paddocks. Although we never rode these racing horses, I knew then and there that I wanted to learn to ride. After tirelessly begging my mother Evelyn, she enrolled me in riding lessons when I was 8. Soon our family was again immersed in the horse world.

Each summer, in addition to my lessons I would attend a few weeks of riding camp, participate in schooling shows and generally try to spend as much time at the barn as possible. As soon as I was 12, I started working for my former coach doing weekend chores – I loved helping and learning about how farms are managed. To expand my knowledge I joined Pony Club where I was taught valuable riding and equine management techniques and was exposed to many wonderful riders and coaches. As I progressed as a rider, I had the opportunity to lease some fantastic horses and at the age of 16 I purchased my first horse. I was fully dedicated to the equestrian world and spent high school working and volunteering at various farms around Ottawa coaching beginner children, exercising horses, grooming at shows and assisting with chores.

Aside from horses, I am pursuing a career as a high school teacher and currently working to complete my degree at Carleton University. I work for the City of Ottawa as a Program Coordinator for Parks and Recreation during the year, and as Camp Director during the summer. My 6 years working for the city has taught me that I find satisfaction in encouraging kids to learn and grow, to try new things, and find confidence in themselves.

My favourite part of working with children is the fun and energetic environment that is so easily created. This is why I am excited to have the opportunity to help build Elmcrest Equestrian Center’s summer riding camp for 2017! I look forward to being able to work alongside Amanda Dunklin-Hamilton to combine my experience in recreation with her coaching background to create a fun, safe and memorable equestrian summer camp experience.

I would like to give thanks for all the wonderful people I have crossed paths with in the equestrian community so far, who have been so supportive of our team and what we are trying to do at Elmcrest. I am so excited about opening our beautiful facility August 1st, and look forward to all the new riders and horses I will meet and with whom I will share a love of horses.

I am excited to have the opportunity to help build Elmcrest Equestrian Center’s summer riding camp for 2017.