Special Events

March 4th and 5th

Dressage Judge Anne Galt joins us for a Judges Eye Clinic.

Ride a test, get feedback and a mini lesson from Anne, then re-ride the test. 45 minute private bookings.

This Clinic is full- thank you all for your participation.


April 23rd

Sports Performance Councillor Poppy Descloud joins us to sharpen our mental game pre-season. A fantastic clinic for anyone looking for a competitive edge or dealing with anxiety on or off the show grounds. Please message for details.


April 29th and 30th

We are proudly hosting the annual Make a Wish Tack Sale in conjunction with Rooney Feed Ltd. Check back for further details!


May 19th and 20th

Excited to Announce a Two Day Dressage/Jumper Clinic with Peter Gray.

We will be offering one semi-private Dressage Only group (space for three riders).

Auditing available. Also featuring a dinner discussion with Peter on the how-to's for cross country schooling.

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